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Baptisms (also known as a Christening)

It is always a joy to welcome adults, children and their families to St Patrick’s and St John’s, for baptisms and we like to make it a very special occasion for you and your family and friends.

There are no legal requirements for baptism and all those who live in our parish may have their child baptised after preparation with the Rector of the church. 

What is a baptism?

During a baptism or christening, your child will be baptized with water. This involves a small amount of water being poured on the child’s head as a sign of a new beginning and becoming part of God’s family. During the service (which normally take place during our Sunday service at 10.30am in St Patrick’s Church and 12noon at St John’s Church, when the whole congregation will be present to welcome and pray for the child,)you as parents and your chosen Godparents will be asked to make promises on your child’s behalf. A Baptism is the start of an amazing journey of faith for your child and a special day for all your friends and family.

As parents, choosing to have your child baptised can feel like you are making a choice on behalf of your child which is part of giving them the best start in life, and includes the encouragement of godparents and the protection and blessing of God.

Whilst baptism is a sacrament normally most associated with babies and small children, the fact is that you can be baptised at any age, even as an adult, provided you were not baptised as a child and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

If you live outside of our parish but have special or former connections with the parish [e.g. you have been married here, or you yourself were baptised here] it is usually possible to arrange a baptism. 

If you are not already coming regularly to St Patrick’s or St John’s Church, we would encourage you to come along to our Sunday morning services and make yourself known to the Rector in charge of our Church.

To further discuss your own baptism or the baptism of a child, please contact the Rector – or Tel: 07719619286

To understand the reason and meaning behind baptism within the Church, visit the Church of Ireland Website by clicking on this link here which provides more useful information.

If you would like to be baptised you can have this done at any age.