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Want a Hospital, Care Home or Home visit?

Our Pastoral Care Team is here to offer a listening ear and home or hospital visits to anyone who wants or needs them.

Each member of the Pastoral Care Team has received appropriate training and demonstrated the required skills to be a trusted pastoral visitor. In addition, all the team have been ‘AccessNI’ checked as part of the church’s safeguarding policy for the protection of young people and vulnerable adults.

Pastoral Care Team Visitors offer a prayerful, confidential and caring listening ear for members of the local community and church members, who may benefit from a hospital, nursing home, or home visit.  Such a visit might be brought about due to a bereavement, illness, loneliness, loss of faith, being house bound, new to the area, or other life difficulty, or simply to offer some friendly company over a cup of tea.  Visits may be fortnightly, monthly or occasional, depending on the need and the availability of Pastoral Visitors.

To arrange for a Hospital, Care Home or Home visit call: 077 0776 8058 or complete the Pastoral Visit Request Form and click reply and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Or contact the Rector on 077 1961 9286.

Like to request prayer for yourself or someone else?

If you would like prayer for yourself or a relative/friend for any concern, problem, or illness, please use the Prayer Request Card click here, or contact theRector on Tel: 077 1961 9286. You do not need to tell us the problem, but if you do, it will be treated in confidence.